Thursday, June 25

Degree Show

Here are a selection of photographs of my Wildflower's Garden collection at my Degree Show '09 in Galashiels. I was very pleased with how everything came together. Love the way the colours translated from paper to fabric to create a more subtle and fresh palette. I had a few ceramics made for the show, featuring my designs and I also produced a few wallpaper designs including two screen printed and collaged panels, designed to sit together.

The Wildflowers Garden - Photographs

These are a few photographs of my Wildflower's Garden fabrics. These were taken in two locations, the first was a forest where the floor was filled with wildflowers and the other was Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh on a beautiful summer's day. I only managed to photograph two of my fabrics here but couldn't decide which photo to upload so I chose my faves and uploaded them all... :)

The Wildflowers Garden - Tablelinen Designs

These are a few of my tablelinen designs for The Wildflower's Garden. The first two images are tablecloth designs which will be printed onto silk twill and the others are designs for linen napkins. I have also designed a set of tea towels to be printed onto cotton.

Wednesday, June 24

The Wildflowers Garden - Designs

These are a selection of my designs for Wildflower's Garden. I have scanned my drawings, paintings, monoprints and handwriting into Photoshop where I 'collaged' them to create these designs.

The Wildflowers Garden - Sketchbook

For this collection I have combined floral and wildlife imagery with mark-making, handwriting and geometric patterns. I am also using a vast mix of techniques including watercolour painting, graphite sketches, mono-printing, fine liner drawing and photography. These are a few of my sketchbook pages which consist of my original drawings and paintings. Both my sketchbook and journal were handbound with thin plywood which I screen printed first.

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