Thursday, June 25

Degree Show

Here are a selection of photographs of my Wildflower's Garden collection at my Degree Show '09 in Galashiels. I was very pleased with how everything came together. Love the way the colours translated from paper to fabric to create a more subtle and fresh palette. I had a few ceramics made for the show, featuring my designs and I also produced a few wallpaper designs including two screen printed and collaged panels, designed to sit together.


  1. I love your work!
    It's beautiful :)

  2. What a gorgeous collection:)

  3. I absolutely LOVE your work! I am looking forward to seeing your etsy shop. Your linens are amazing. Best wishes!

  4. Your work is lovely - so delicate and sweet. Nice blog, too!

  5. What beautiful work you have - so soft and delicate...very pretty! :)


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