Wednesday, September 16


I recenlty joined Envelop and my shop has just gone live... so excited!

Pop on over and check out my goodies for sale... you can buy napkins, aprons, cushions, tote bags and much more. Below are some examples of the items for sale... so pleased with how they look! If there's an illustration or pattern on my blog that you'd like to see on any of these great products, leave a comment and I'll review them as soon as I can :) There's only a few items on there so far but I will be uploading lots more soon :)

For the moment they are available exclusively from the envelop site so snatch them up while you can :) Theres also some other fab stuff from other designers on there so check it out!


  1. Hi, what a lovely post - thank you ! And you have such a cool blog here - I'm really enjoying having a look around. Best wishes to you....

  2. hello, just saw these over at envelop. lovely! x


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