Friday, July 22

A fresh approach...

So, my blog here has been a little more than neglected lately wouldn't you say? As many of you know I have a full time day job & work odd hours so finding time to create my work & upload images is proving tough at the moment. To make up for this I'll now be sharing with you all, my inspirations, unique finds, pieces of my life and definately more of my work.

I'm working on some projects at the moment but they are in the very early stages so check out my facebook page for updates :) My first posts will appear this weekend so keep checking back :) In the meantime, wishing you all a Happy Friday,

Frame: Matthew Williamson
Watch: Karen Millen
Perfume: Chanel Chance
Nail Polish: Minted by Revlon & Candy by Nails Inc.

Ashleigh x❤x

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