Tuesday, September 11

A Wish a Day... #12

If you know me then you know casual wear is not in my vocabulary. Always one to favour a pair of heels & pretty top over a pair of converse & tee. I have wanted a denim shirt for the longest time but always passed as I thought they were just too casual for me... that was until I spotted this one in Zara yesterday! Is it not just the perfect balance of casual & formal - I just love the leopard sleeves! For me, Zara has been continuously on point these past few seasons & the new collections are no exception! I couldn't help but try on EVERYTHING in the store! Unfortunately though, they were sold out of my size in this shirt so I'm off out to see if I can get it elsewhere!


Monday, September 10

Free Shipping on All iPhone Cases...

It's that time again! FREE SHIPPING on all Illusive Print iPhone cases over on Society6! All you need to do is click HERE to order your case before 16th September! I am working on some new designs for next season so snap up the Spring/ Summer collection while you can! :)


Friday, September 7

Style Pilot: Transform His Style...

Hands up those of you who have purchased a great piece of clothing for your boyfriend, husband, father or brother, he said he loves it, wore it the day he got it, and then you never saw it again? I've certainly been there! All to often do fashion purchases for men happen that way, and while you probably never admit it to him, it upsets a little and irritates the hell out of you at the same time.

We decided to focus on a specific item, in this case a branded t-shirt, and how this can be a versatile piece in a man’s wardrobe, the perfect gift that can be worn anywhere (or at least most places), and leave him with no excuse not to wear it.

Branded T-Shirts

By branded t-shirt we mean a famous consumer brand, not a t-shirt emblazoned with “Superdry” across the front of it! Most stores are currently carrying great ranges of t-shirts featuring Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Budweiser, among others. Try avoid the alcohol related ones, however, as they can appear a futile attempt to be “manly” rather than looking stylish. Instead, we’ll use the Fanta t-shirt, which is essentially a simple retro t-shirt, featuring the old school Fanta logo on a white, relaxed fit t-shirt.

So how can you wear it three ways?

1. At the Beach

The most simple way to wear this t-shirt is down the beach. Match it up with some stylish, tailored shorts – if you can find a blue to match that in the t-shirt, go for it. Then add some relaxed espadrilles for comfort and style in the heat, finishing off with stylish sunglasses and a straw summer hat.

Much of this outfit is simple and if you are buying the t-shirt, you could probably purchase some of the other items to go with it and build the look for him.

2. Relaxed at Home

For a chilled out Sunday afternoon, lose the shorts and go for light wash boot cut jeans. Jeans are never good for contrasting, so with the light t-shirt go for as light a wash as is possible, going darker if you go for another t-shirt style.

Finish this off by matching up either casual plimsolls or loafers and you're done!

3. Night Out

Thankfully this is an easy outfit to dress up with a trusty blazer if you decide later on Sunday to head to the bar for a drink and a game of pool. Avoid black and go for a navy blue, ideally something with a small pattern such as polka dots, which will give a sophisticated yet relaxed casual look.

There, now he has no excuse not to wear your stylish fashion purchases – just adapt the story here as you need to based on what you have bought for him!

Stylepilot is designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online, to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot displays a large collection of jeans, shirts, casual wear & tailoring.

Wednesday, September 5

A Wish a Day... #11

Coated denim is everywhere right now & is set to be huge next season. I love the detailing on this particular pair from H&M - the gold zips on the hips & ankles just add that something extra. These would look equally as great with heels & a nice top or with boots & a slouchy knit. I am in love with Swedish blogger Kenza's style right now & this style of trouser is definitely a staple in her closet.


Monday, September 3

A Wish a Day... #10

I spotted these on the InStyle site the other day & instantly knew I needed them! They remind me so much of the Zara sandals that came out last season... these ones are incredibly similar & I was shocked when I discovered they were from Primark! There are a few pairs from the new collection I'm lusting after actually - you can check them out here! I have quite a few pairs of shoes but not too many that are versatile! Since moving to London I don't tend to wear heels as much as I used too as I am on my feet so much & don't drive everywhere as I did previously. I tend to live in wedges or boots these days. It is always nice to wear a pair of heels from time to time so I am definitely going to pick these up when they are launched - how could I pass up such a great deal?!


Thursday, August 30

In the Shade...


Rose gold & copper tones have been everywhere this year! Not only in accessories & jewellery but also in interiors. This incredibly simple yet striking pendant light from Tom Dixon is my latest copper obsession. The Copper Shade, priced at £340, has been created by exploding a thin layer of pure cooper onto the internal surface of a polycarbonate globe. Resulting in a highly reflective surface that casts a warm metallic glow & reflects light to create the illusion of space. I just love the classic, retro form of the pendant yet somehow it is incredibly contemporary at the same time. I have a vision of a pair of them hanging above my kitchen island in my dream home! They just scream style & glamour! One Day.....







Which piece do you dream of having in your home?


Tuesday, August 21

A Wish a Day... #9

In yesterdays 'A Wish a Day' post, I featured this Peplum top & mentioned I would wear it with leather leggings so immediately after posting I went on a hunt as the pair I own now are getting a little worse for wear! :( Literally everywhere is doing leather look leggings / trousers at the moment so really spoiled for choice however, I came across this bargain pair from Missguided! Not somewhere I've ever shopped or would even really consider when shopping online but they popped up when I done a ShopStyle search! I love the panel details & they look super comfy! I'm not convinced the quality will be that great considering the price but hey! They look great so that's all the matters, right?!

P.S I totally recommend using ShopStyle if you are looking for something in particular!


Monday, August 20

A Wish a Day... #8

Well, hello there strangers! I'm back! My new power cable arrived today so I have re-joined the real cyber world :) Since I've not been blogging, I've had some time to relax & refresh although I had a slight breakdown last week when I discovered my car had been broken into (twice!). Fortunately nothing was stolen; unlike last year when I lost my favourite leather jacket & SLR camera! I really do have the worst luck! Oh well, what doesn't kill us....

Onto my pick of the day - this lovely peplum top from Topshop! I LOVE peplum tops - they are so chic, simple + super flattering. I love the texture of this one & the lovely soft grey colour - it would go with so many outfits. I picture wearing it to dinner with leather leggings & a great pair of heels or shopping with jeans & converse! Such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe - LOVE IT!


Wednesday, August 15

Gone Camping...

Just how cute is my little Cavalli? Is he not the sweetest little bunny you've ever seen? Well, looks can be deceiving! Just the other day, he thought it would be fun to chew through my laptop cable which means it no longer works so until I receive a new one, I am computerless :( . Of course that means no blogging until it arrives from the other side of the world!

Before I go, I just want to say over the last few weeks, I've received lots of new readers & friends in the blogging community so thank you for stopping by & supporting my blog - I love you all & can't wait to be back posting!

In the meantime you can follow me on Pintrest, Twitter , Facebook & Instagram (@Illusiveprint)!



Wednesday, August 8

London Calling... by Tiffany Leigh

Hey Loves, Tiffany here again from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design.

With all eyes on London for the Summer Olympics (and Ashleigh busy helping out with the Games) I thought that it might be fun to explore London decor inspiration with two popular British motifs:

1. The Union Jack

via Bright.Bazzar

 ^In Jason Grant's eclectic bedroom, the large scale Union Jack looks great with the small scaled black and white polka dot shams.

via Domino Book of Decorating page 59

The Living Room of fashion design Johnson Hartig (above) is exploding with color, and the Union Jack's bold graphic fits right into this chaotic but beautiful space. In contrast, designer Tommy Smythe's almost entirely neutral living room (below) allows the Union Jack Symbol of the Grand Union Flag to really pop.

 via Canadian House and Home

2. Keep Calm and Carry On

(I'll admit this poster is everywhere these days, maybe a bit overdone, but I still love it!)

via HGTV

This poster was originally designed to rally the spirits of the British during the onset of WWII. The rhyming slogan is a perfect sentiment, even today! My personal fave is the classic red, but it is available in many colours.

via Little Green Notebook

via Ideas to Steal

via Vanity Fair

Some may call these London inspirations cliche, but I call them absolutely classic.

Hope you enjoyed and please stop by my blog!


A Wish a Day... #7

I have always worn a watch - I love them & in fact collected them when I was younger. Now though I have 3 I rotate between although my beloved Michael Kors is reached for the most! I have had it since last Christmas & my wrist is barely without it - time for a new addition maybe? I LOVE Kate Spade - the shoes, the accessories, the jewellery - what's not to love! Although I would absolutely love a Carousel Watch, which I blogged about here, I love a classic style watch. Something oversized & simple suits me best. This is the watch I'm lusting after at the moment - inspired by Manhattan's Gramercy Park, it is classic in style & would look equally as great worn at the office or a cocktail party! Once again, I ❤ Kate Spade!


Tuesday, August 7

DIY Decor... Ikea Hacks...

I love a good statement piece of furniture... anything unique, contemporary but with that little bit of something special wins my vote! I was flicking through my Interior's Pintrest board & noticed a particular manufacturer popping up time & time again - none other than Ikea! Now, I've said before, I'm really not all that into Ikea (although a good 90% of the furniture in my place happens to be from there).

However, these are Ikea pieces with a twist aka Ikea Hacks! Here a few of my favourite ways to customise a generic piece of furniture from Ikea & transform it into something fabulous! My guy has already agreed to make me that desk! :)






Have you ever attempted to 'hack' an Ikea piece for yourself?


Monday, August 6

Beach Waves... Fashion Truffles

Hello again! Viv here from the fashion and style blog Fashion Truffles. My hair is pretty straight so achieving the perfect beach wave look is rather hard. However, I have found (through trying more than a million different products and curling irons) that these four little steps do the trick. How do you achieve that messy beach look?

Beach Waves

Friday, August 3

Bold Stripes... The Aestate

Happy Friday! I'm so excited to have one of my fave bloggers Jessica Rowe from The Aestate guest posting today! If you don't already follow her blog, you are seriously missing out! It's my go to place for interior inspiration & to top it all off she also makes fab art available here!

Illusive Print is one of my favorite new blogs, so I jumped at the chance to guest post. I think the first time I was on her blog I browsed through the whole thing in one evening. Ashleigh has a killer sense of style and I absolutely love her prints! I was totally flattered when she chose my watercolor skull print for her latest "Wish a Day."

Lately, stripes have really been catching my eye. Like black and white checkered floors, they're so classic and bold. Some things you can always count on. A good black and white stripe is one of those things...


{1 2 3 4 5 6 7}

Horizontal, vertical...it doesn't matter. They're always a good choice.

Thanks for having me, Ashleigh!!
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