Wednesday, January 25

Brush Strokes...


With the New Year well & truly underway and with pay day just around the corner, I can focus a little more attention on my home :) Being a rented property, there's not a great deal I can do to change it so I'm on the hunt for some great art pieces to brighten up the walls!

I am absolutely in love with these abstract pieces from Cozamia & Cocoa+Hearts, what do you think? I'm not usually an abstract art lover but I love the rich patterns in these particular pieces... they could almost be mistaken for traditional Japanese textiles of which I AM a huge fan! Infact, I dedicated my final year dissertation to just that! Anyway, the work from these artists is just filled with energy & joy! Just looking at these stunning paintings makes me want to dig out my paints & create one for myself! Inspired! :)



Cocoa & Hearts


I'd love to know - Do you have any artwork in your home? What's your take on abstract art?

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