Thursday, January 12

Gifted... Christmas 2011

1. Michael Kors Rose Golden Watch

This watch is absolutely stunning! I am a bit of a watch collector, I do have quite a few so was thrilled to receive this rose gold MK watch from my boyfriend, it is by far the best gift he has ever given me. It is a chunky watch which I love, I feel bare without something heavy on my wrist. The colour is just perfect; it is so lovely and special looking. It will be hard not to wear this everyday... love, love, love!!

2. Mavala Red Diamond Nail Varnish

A little stocking filler from my bf, it is a beautiful red sparkly nail polish that reminds me of Dorothy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz! I wore this on Christmas Day with a black dress and looked so glamorous and festive. This is only my second ever Mavala nail polish and I just love them. They come in mini bottles and the formulas are great, I will definitely be adding more to my ever growing collection.

3. Zebra Barrel Bag, River Island

I pretty much love any accessories from River Island, especially their bags & purses. I don't have many handbags and I do tend to use the same ones everyday. My parents bought me this little beauty for Christmas and I've been using it everyday since... it's the perfect size for everyday use, big enough to fit all my bits in but not too big that it's too heavy to carry around. I also love that it comes with a detachable shoulder strap! Anything that' versatile and goes with everything gets a huge thumbs up from me!

4. Leather Dalmatian Gloves

These gloves are gorgeous! You may have noticed I like fur & animal prints just a little bit so it’s like these gloves were made for me. :) My first ever pair of leather gloves, they keep my hands warm and look glamorous... what's not to love!

5. Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, Clinique

By far my fave skincare product ever! I know, big statement but this is my miracle product! I first tried moisture surge when I got a free sample size during one of Clinique's fab bonus times - I highly recommend waiting for Bonus time to buy your Clinique products - the freebies are amazing! Anyway, my tiny 5ml version lasted me months! I took mine on holiday when I went to Egypt and it was perfect to repair my skin after long days in the sun. It is very refreshing on the skin, completely non greasy and doesn't feel heavy at all, it also makes a great base for makeup. For me, it leaves my skin feeling velvety soft & I don't need a primer as this does the job perfectly. Highly recommend!!!

6. Zebra iPhone Case, UUnique

My lovely parents bought me this and I love it! It's made from pony hair and has a built in metal stand. It's oh so stylish & practical! Love!

7. Grey & White Tuck Stitch Jumper, River Island

Another little gem from River Island, I have a really bad habit of wearing my boyfriends clothes - especially his jumpers so decided it was about time I get a few of my own. Again from my parents - how great is their taste btw... anyway, it's a beautiful soft shade of grey & white and has three-quarter length sleeves with a visible zip of the back. It's so cosy and perfect for throwing on during lazy days off!

I got so many other great gifts this year, well and truly spoiled but so grateful to everyone! Thanks guys!

What gifts have you given or received lately?

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