Thursday, February 9


I've always been a pretty, delicate type of girl when it comes to textiles & pattern but ever since moving to the Big City my style & tastes have changed quite drastically. This applies to fashion, accessories, art & decor! I think coming from Scotland (which let's face it, isn't the most fashion forward of places), to London, which is so diverse & multi-cultural has allowed me to rediscover - almost reinvent myself & my tastes!


When my man & I moved into our little rental flat, we didn't put much thought into decor, a quick trip to Ikea & several hours of screws & confusing diagrams later, we had a furnished home! We've now been here for 6 months (wow, how time flies!) & are starting to take the time to give our place a focus & persona. One trend I am loving right now, is for bold, geometric patterns! Check out some of my fave pieces I'm currently coveting...!

1. Ikat Bowl, CWonder
2. Kew Embroidered Cushion, Missoni Home
3. Cool Breeze Waste Basket, ShopTen25
4. Sierra Wallpaper, Kimberley Lewis Home
5. Arteriors Guilded Wood Screen, Zinc Door
6. Key Cocktail Tray, Jill Rosenwald

 What interior trends are you currently loving?


  1. Such great picks! I love the first picture with those purple ikat chairs, the things I would do to get my hands on those babies! And that Sierra wallpaper is breathtaking!

    1. I know those Chairs are stunning - a girl can dream :)) Thanks for stopping by :)xXx


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