Tuesday, February 21

Meg Matthews for Dwell...

My lovely man works for furniture retailer, Dwell so thought it was only right I post about their recent collaboration with Meg Matthews. You may know Meg Matthews only from her rock & roll days with Noel Gallagher but did you know she has a range of scarves & wallpapers in Liberty of London?? Yip, it's true, it's a very successful range too so she has now teamed up with Dwell to create a capsule line of bedding & cushions. The collection will launch this Wednesday at a special preview event at the flagship store on Tottenham Court Road. I am a huge Dwell fan and I think the collaboration is infact a pretty good match, Dwell are knows for their contemporary, quirky & almost iconic accessories, diamante skull anyone - yes please!? I see the collection going down rather well, I love the russian doll bedding - who doesn't love an adorable russian doll?!



 What are your thoughts on the collection?


  1. those prints are so cute!
    I really like them :)

    1. They are lovely in person too, I gave in & got the pink russian doll one! :) xXx

  2. Such a BEAUTIFUL name!! :)

    xo Ashleigh



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