Wednesday, March 21

I ❤ Kate Spade...

Seriously, can Kate Spade do no wrong?! I absolutely LOVE everything about this amazing New York brand. As if they didn't have enough covetable accessories already, they've gone & added a range of super stylish watches to the list. Each one is inspired by New York & come in a multitude of colours. My favourite is the Carousel watch, a simple stylish bangle in beautiful bright colours, I want them all! The best part? The sweet little inscriptions inside - 'A Place in the Sun', 'Tickled Pink', 'A Walk in the Park'... too cute!

If you want something more classic then there is the Gramercy, a lovely large face with a chunky gold bracelet. For more casual days, how about the Cooper, a rectangular face with a narrow leather strap, available in a choice of colours. Check out the website for the full collection, there is also the Parsons, Delacorte, Metro, Seaport or Waldorf.

Which style would you add to your collection?

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