Thursday, March 8

My Apartment - Bedroom Love...

Don't you just LOVE polyvore?! It's my new addiction (I have about a million by now). I find it so relaxing to sit with my laptop, watching TV & creating some fun collages. I thought I would put my new favourite website to good use & come up with a plan for my bedroom. So far my apartment is very monochromatic so I figured the bedroom would be the ideal room to introduce some much needed colour & when better than in time for Spring?!

I have a gorgeous white faux leather bed with a chic chunky quilted headboard from Dwell so this undoubtedly will be the centrepiece. My bedroom is VERY small so I have to be particularly thoughtful when choosing furniture. I am in two minds if I want to add some walnut for an earthy vibe or go with white gloss for a contemporary look. I would absolutely adore a mirrored dressing table but unfortunately space just does not allow. Nonetheless, I created two looks which more or less illustrate what I'm thinking for the space... hope you like, I'd love to hear which look you prefer :) x

What look have you gone for in your master bedroom?

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