Thursday, March 29

My Style Rules...Part 3

Accessorising is by far the best way to dress up a casual outfit. If I had to choose just one accessory it would most definitely be a statement ring! I wear one with everything! I like to add mine to a low key look for an unexpected twist to an otherwise plain outfit. In my opinion Jeans + Tee + statement ring = effortless style. I don't often wear 'pretty' rings, I like to opt for something a little more daring. I'm currently alternating between cute little sunglasses & a zebra :) Remember, one statement ring at a time ladies & as a rule of thumb (no pun intended) if I'm wearing a ring on my right hand, I like to keep that wrist bare so all the attention is on my big beautiful ring! They look great with contrasting nail polish also & stone versions are great for adding an extra pop of colour. Here are some of my current faves, the YSL arty ring has been around for a long time now yet everytime I see one my heart stops just a little ;) Here are a few others I'm currently coveting... xXx

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What is your favourite way to dress up a plain outfit?


  1. Love it

  2. Thanks for the comment, happy to have found your blog in return. Ashleigh x


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