Sunday, April 22

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Well... hellooo there strangers! I know, it has been a while... thought I should stop by to explain my disappearance to you all. Yes, I am still alive, although I am sad to announce my laptop is not :(

First my external drive where I store all my inspirations, design work, photographs... basically my whole life... decided to stop working! You're probably thinking, at least you have a back-up, everyone backs-up their irreplaceable files like family photos... right? Wrong. I did have a backup but it failed just before I moved to London last September & I never got around to buying a new drive... after all the one I still had was brand new so nothing was going to happen to it...right? Wrong again. After countless hours of trying different cables, reading forums, running recovery software etc, I am completely devastated to say that every photograph I have ever taken is now gone forever or as I like to believe - floating around in cyber heaven! :(

That all said, life goes on... I have learned my lesson & will backup everything in future!

Happy Sunday everyone! 



  1. Sweetie, can you please try again with JOIN THIS SITE? I can't see you in my list:( I just did the same on your blog, couldn't see myself either in yours...


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