Sunday, May 27

iPhone Cases... Available Now!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!! The weather has been beautiful this past week in London & it has made me feel a little more creative than usual. I've had a super productive morning so far so I can at last announce that the Illusive Print iPhone cases are available now!!

There are loads of designs to choose from, including a few for the boys... check out some of my faves (above). I currently have the Ditsy Tango case on my phone & love it! Could not be happier with the result! Hope you all like them also!

Cases are priced at £22 ($35) and if you order now you can get free shipping! The cases are manufactured in the US so lead times can be anywhere from 2-6 weeks, mine arrived in less than 2!

Check out the full collection, as well as art prints at Society6!

I'd love to hear what you think so leave me a comment below :) Happy Sunday everyone! 



  1. super cute! I love these darling cases!

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