Friday, June 29

ASOS Obsessed...

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For me Asos is one of those stores that is either hit or miss but right now it'd definately a hit! I tend to go through phases with my jewellery, from gold to silver, pretty to punky, chunky to delicate etc... for this reason I only ever really buy mine from the high street with the exeption of a few 'special occassion' pieces & my Michael Kors watch which hasn't left my wrist since December! We all know high street jewellery whilst always being on trend does not last very long at all, most of my fave pieces have now oxidised & tarnished so I'm on the hunt for a few new pieces!

H&M have some fab bits right now - I finally picked up a hairring & 'THE' rose gold collar! I have wanted plain gold band rings a la Rosie from Made in Chelsea for months now so popped over to asos & discovered this set! I decided not to purchase them because I started having a browse around & left the site with a massive wish list! Check out my picks above! Now, which ones to buy?......

What is your go to store for statement jewellery?


Tuesday, June 26

Funky Things... Illustrated iPhones...

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Uh oh... it's almost the end of June and I've only posted once this month! I finally managed to get a little holiday from my day job so headed home to Scotland for an entire week. I had thee best time, it was so lovely to catch up with all my friends & family - feeling pretty homesick since I've been back in London. Two of my friends did come down with us for a few days which was lovely!

I have this coming weekend off so I will be catching up on all my fave blogs & hunting for inspiration for upcoming posts. Things will be crazy this summer as I work in the middle of Olympic Park so I'm sure I will be spending most of my days off sleeping! I will post every other day as usual but more personal posts as I wont have much research time. Anyway, I hope you guys will like them - back to todays post.

As you all know I recently started selling designs on Society6 and I absolutely love it! I have only been selling there for a month & have sold 6 prints + 2 cases so far! Thanks to everyone who has bought one of my designs - I love you!

I am loving everything illustrated & sketchy this month so these are my faves from Society6 - aren't they amazing! I love that little bull dog - too cute!

What do you think? What case do you have on your phone at the moment?


Monday, June 4

What I Bought... May 2012

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What a month! I have been super busy designing & launching my iPhone case range that my poor little blog has been neglected... again - bad blogger, I know! I'm happy to say it's a new month & it's going to be the best of the year... I can feel it!

I haven't done very much shopping this month so I've had to sneak a few gifted items that I got for my birthday into this post. I love everything I got this month, my H&M wedges are pretty high on the list of favourites - they are just so damn comfortable & for anyone who knows me, knows I struggle with flats so these wedges are the perfect in between & as an extra bonus - they go with absolutely everything!

For my birthday, my guy took me on a shopping trip to Oxford Circus - the first store we went to was of course Zara! Honestly, we didn't even need to bother going anywhere else, they just had so much I fell in love with, it was really difficult to chose what to buy. I love what I chose, really simple tops but in lovely silky fabrics that can be dressed up or down. Next we went to Mango & again, so much choice - I walked away with a cute card wallet in an Orange Crocodile effect & a larger white quilted wallet! At this point, the rain really started coming down & those wedges that I love so much, yeah... not so great for rainy weather! So I ran to Topshop to pick up a pair of cheap black flats to change into but instead spotted the studded canvas slippers! Boy am I glad I went in there, they are available in around 5 or 6 different colours so I opted for white & they are honestly the only pair of flats I have bought in the last few years that I could spend all day in & with my staff discount, were only £18!

I launched my iPhone case collection at the end of last month so I couldn't resist getting one for myself! I opted for my Ditsy floral design in Tango - afterall it is the colour of the year! ;) I couldn't be happier with the results, fits my phone like a glove & the quality is great! 

What did you treat yourself to this month?

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