Friday, June 29

ASOS Obsessed...

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For me Asos is one of those stores that is either hit or miss but right now it'd definately a hit! I tend to go through phases with my jewellery, from gold to silver, pretty to punky, chunky to delicate etc... for this reason I only ever really buy mine from the high street with the exeption of a few 'special occassion' pieces & my Michael Kors watch which hasn't left my wrist since December! We all know high street jewellery whilst always being on trend does not last very long at all, most of my fave pieces have now oxidised & tarnished so I'm on the hunt for a few new pieces!

H&M have some fab bits right now - I finally picked up a hairring & 'THE' rose gold collar! I have wanted plain gold band rings a la Rosie from Made in Chelsea for months now so popped over to asos & discovered this set! I decided not to purchase them because I started having a browse around & left the site with a massive wish list! Check out my picks above! Now, which ones to buy?......

What is your go to store for statement jewellery?


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