Tuesday, June 26

Funky Things... Illustrated iPhones...

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Uh oh... it's almost the end of June and I've only posted once this month! I finally managed to get a little holiday from my day job so headed home to Scotland for an entire week. I had thee best time, it was so lovely to catch up with all my friends & family - feeling pretty homesick since I've been back in London. Two of my friends did come down with us for a few days which was lovely!

I have this coming weekend off so I will be catching up on all my fave blogs & hunting for inspiration for upcoming posts. Things will be crazy this summer as I work in the middle of Olympic Park so I'm sure I will be spending most of my days off sleeping! I will post every other day as usual but more personal posts as I wont have much research time. Anyway, I hope you guys will like them - back to todays post.

As you all know I recently started selling designs on Society6 and I absolutely love it! I have only been selling there for a month & have sold 6 prints + 2 cases so far! Thanks to everyone who has bought one of my designs - I love you!

I am loving everything illustrated & sketchy this month so these are my faves from Society6 - aren't they amazing! I love that little bull dog - too cute!

What do you think? What case do you have on your phone at the moment?


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