Tuesday, July 31

A Wish a Day... #5

If you follow the lovely Jessica's blog The Aestate (if you don't, you really should, it's fab!) you have probably already seen her amazing new watercolour print! Skulls are big news right now & I just love the simplicity of this particular print. It's available on Etsy here so be sure to pop over & check out her other prints too!


Monday, July 30

Cuff It... Fashion Truffles

Hi lovelies! Viv here from the fashion and style blog Fashion Truffles.I'm so excited to announce that I will be joining you here every Monday for a few weeks sharing a little fashion and style inspiration. 

Lately I've been all about the cuff bracelet. I like the statement these beauties make and how they can easily transform an outfit in a second. Don't you agree? These are my personal favorites...

Cuff It

Tory Burch jewelry, $195 / Salvatore Ferragamo leather jewelry, $280 / Kenneth Jay Lane gold jewelry, $80 / Kelly Wearstler turquoise jewelry, $330 / House of Harlow 1960 cuff bracelet / Blue Nile jewelry / Yves Saint Laurent gold plated bangle, $225 / Vintage cuff bracelet, $510 / Alkemie jewelry / Philippe Audibert cuff jewelry, $220 / Pamela Love jewelry

Don't forget to pop on over to Fashion Truffles for more daily style and fashion inspiration! xx

A Wish a Day... #4

I was doing a little online window shopping yesterday when I spotted this lovely number from Topshop. Peplums are everywhere right now! They are so flattering & add a little flirty touch to an outfit. I don't own any white jackets so this one would be perfect. It would look equally great paired with jeans as it would with a cocktail dress. I love the black zip detail for a little bit of an edge too! Perfection!


Friday, July 27

A Wish a Day... #3

I adore chunky jewellery! It really is the easiest way to dress up & add interest to an otherwise simple outfit! I have been after a chunky chain necklace for the longest time & stumbled upon this one from Regal Rose. It is called the Alexa and has a slight vintage feel to it which I love. Must get my hands on it right away!

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Thursday, July 26

Diane Bergeron...


If you read Lonny Mag you have have spotted Interior Designer Diane Bergeron on the Lonny Loves section. This is the first I have stumbled across Bergeron & I am glad I did. She is an Australian designer based out of Melbourne who has been featured in publications throughout the world. Her aim is to mix classic & modern elements to create a relaxed, glamorous feel. That was exactly my first response when I flicked through her online portfolio. These are a few of my favourite spaces she has created in the past - perfect summer home style!

What designers have you recently discovered & loved?


Tuesday, July 24

A Wish a Day... #2

It's no secret that I have an awful memory when it comes to times & dates. I really need to write everything down or I will forget it instantly. I stumbled across this lovely hot pink organiser this morning whilst browsing the Kate Spade site.  I am a HUGE Kate Spade fan, although I am yet to own anything from there :( I love this mini binder, hot pink cover, gold rings... what more could you want! This little beauty ain't cheap either £108! Oh well, a girl can dream....

How do you keep yourself organised?


Friday, July 20

A Wish a Day... #1

Ever since my car was broken into last year and my favourite Mango leather jacket stolen, I have been on the hunt for the perfect replacement. I made the mistake of walking into Zara on my way home from work the other day and trying on this beauty! Wow! Did it look great... fit me like a glove and it even prompted a compliment from a fellow customer! Sadly though, it's more than a little out my price range at £169! (I don't really know how comfortable I would feel wearing lambskin anyway). It really is perfect though but for now it remains a pretty photograph on my blog whilst my hunt for the perfect leather jacket continues....

What is your favourite item in your closet?


Monday, July 9

Banana Pops...

I have a little something different for you today & I'm pretty excited about it! I LOVE chocolate... so much so that it takes me a huge amount of will power to go a day without it. I am an incredibly fussy eater - my friends & family will definitely agree with me on that one - so I love being in the kitchen & cooking my meals from scratch, that way I know exactly what has gone into them. I had the day off work today so rather than rush out to the shop to buy a chocolate bar to settle my craving; I thought I would whip something up instead. After browsing some of my fave food blogs & scrolling through hundreds of tasty treats on Pintrest, I settled on these little beauties I spotted on The Lovely Cupboard!

They are utterly delicious & literally take no time at all to make: I made mine while waiting for the kettle to boil! Not only do they satisfy your sweet tooth, they also provide an extra portion of fruit which is never a bad thing. All you need are bananas, cooking chocolate (I used milk chocolate), dried coconut (or crushed nuts) & cocktail sticks for dipping. Once you're done, 'pop' them in the freezer for a few hours to set then enjoy!! 

Do you love chocolate as much as I do? What's your favourite quick treat?


Sunday, July 1

Summer of Doing...


When I first started my blog waaayyyy back at University is was solely to log the progress of my degree. After really discovering the incredible bloggin community & falling in love with so many wonderful blogs, I decided to post more regularly about everything that inspires me.


At the time I did not realise what a huge commitment keeping up a blog can be - especially while working a full time job! What I can say though, it is so worth it in the end! The online community is amazing; I have recieved so many lovely comments & emails from fellow bloggers this past year which really does make all the hard work worthwhile.

 If you are new to blogging & want to learn more about the process, check out Alt Design Summit, all this summer they are offering their online classes... for free!! It is all part of Bing's Summer of Doing so #thanksbing! I for one am signing up!

Are you new to blogging? What tools have you used to help you along the way?

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