Tuesday, July 24

A Wish a Day... #2

It's no secret that I have an awful memory when it comes to times & dates. I really need to write everything down or I will forget it instantly. I stumbled across this lovely hot pink organiser this morning whilst browsing the Kate Spade site.  I am a HUGE Kate Spade fan, although I am yet to own anything from there :( I love this mini binder, hot pink cover, gold rings... what more could you want! This little beauty ain't cheap either £108! Oh well, a girl can dream....

How do you keep yourself organised?



  1. Hey hun I just found your blog and I just adore the style and your posts are really nice:) now following xx

    1. Hiya lovely, thanks for the sweet comment, your blog is fab too! Glad to have found it :) xoxo


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