Thursday, July 26

Diane Bergeron...


If you read Lonny Mag you have have spotted Interior Designer Diane Bergeron on the Lonny Loves section. This is the first I have stumbled across Bergeron & I am glad I did. She is an Australian designer based out of Melbourne who has been featured in publications throughout the world. Her aim is to mix classic & modern elements to create a relaxed, glamorous feel. That was exactly my first response when I flicked through her online portfolio. These are a few of my favourite spaces she has created in the past - perfect summer home style!

What designers have you recently discovered & loved?



  1. Stunning interiors, beautiful combination of colours and patterns. Love them all. Great post.


    1. Thanks :)) I love the bold contemporary twists in each space yet they still have an effortless feel about them! If only my home looked like that ;) xXx


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