Sunday, July 1

Summer of Doing...


When I first started my blog waaayyyy back at University is was solely to log the progress of my degree. After really discovering the incredible bloggin community & falling in love with so many wonderful blogs, I decided to post more regularly about everything that inspires me.


At the time I did not realise what a huge commitment keeping up a blog can be - especially while working a full time job! What I can say though, it is so worth it in the end! The online community is amazing; I have recieved so many lovely comments & emails from fellow bloggers this past year which really does make all the hard work worthwhile.

 If you are new to blogging & want to learn more about the process, check out Alt Design Summit, all this summer they are offering their online classes... for free!! It is all part of Bing's Summer of Doing so #thanksbing! I for one am signing up!

Are you new to blogging? What tools have you used to help you along the way?


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