Thursday, August 2

A Wish a Day... #6

If I had £70 spare to spend on a pair of everyday ankle boots, I would spend it on these beauties! So simple yet so stunning! For me, this year Zara has been on fire! In the past it's always been very hit or miss but now it's just hit after hit after hit! honestly, if my wardrobe could only consist of clothes from one store, it would be Zara! Without a doubt! These are just the most perfect little boots! Perfect for this strange British weather we are experiencing at the moment - sunny one minute then rainy the next. I would pair these with a cute little summer dress or denim shorts on warmer days or with Jeans & a white shirt on cooler days! Perfection! I need to step away from the computer before I hit the add to basket button... if only Zara offered credit! ha!


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  1. they are a-maze-ing! totally agree about the weather lately, they are perfect for it. nice blog too, found it from pintrest


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