Wednesday, August 8

A Wish a Day... #7

I have always worn a watch - I love them & in fact collected them when I was younger. Now though I have 3 I rotate between although my beloved Michael Kors is reached for the most! I have had it since last Christmas & my wrist is barely without it - time for a new addition maybe? I LOVE Kate Spade - the shoes, the accessories, the jewellery - what's not to love! Although I would absolutely love a Carousel Watch, which I blogged about here, I love a classic style watch. Something oversized & simple suits me best. This is the watch I'm lusting after at the moment - inspired by Manhattan's Gramercy Park, it is classic in style & would look equally as great worn at the office or a cocktail party! Once again, I ❤ Kate Spade!



  1. Oooh lucky you to have a Michael Kors! Its on my to buy list! ;) This one looks fab too and it would go with so much! xx

  2. Oh yes, this one is definitely on my list! Such a beauty!


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