Monday, August 20

A Wish a Day... #8

Well, hello there strangers! I'm back! My new power cable arrived today so I have re-joined the real cyber world :) Since I've not been blogging, I've had some time to relax & refresh although I had a slight breakdown last week when I discovered my car had been broken into (twice!). Fortunately nothing was stolen; unlike last year when I lost my favourite leather jacket & SLR camera! I really do have the worst luck! Oh well, what doesn't kill us....

Onto my pick of the day - this lovely peplum top from Topshop! I LOVE peplum tops - they are so chic, simple + super flattering. I love the texture of this one & the lovely soft grey colour - it would go with so many outfits. I picture wearing it to dinner with leather leggings & a great pair of heels or shopping with jeans & converse! Such a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe - LOVE IT!



  1. Love peplum! Especially this one! We are so happy to have you back :)

    1. Thanks Tiffany :) So happy to be back! Hope you had a fabulous trip! xoxo


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