Tuesday, August 21

A Wish a Day... #9

In yesterdays 'A Wish a Day' post, I featured this Peplum top & mentioned I would wear it with leather leggings so immediately after posting I went on a hunt as the pair I own now are getting a little worse for wear! :( Literally everywhere is doing leather look leggings / trousers at the moment so really spoiled for choice however, I came across this bargain pair from Missguided! Not somewhere I've ever shopped or would even really consider when shopping online but they popped up when I done a ShopStyle search! I love the panel details & they look super comfy! I'm not convinced the quality will be that great considering the price but hey! They look great so that's all the matters, right?!

P.S I totally recommend using ShopStyle if you are looking for something in particular!


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