Monday, August 6

Beach Waves... Fashion Truffles

Hello again! Viv here from the fashion and style blog Fashion Truffles. My hair is pretty straight so achieving the perfect beach wave look is rather hard. However, I have found (through trying more than a million different products and curling irons) that these four little steps do the trick. How do you achieve that messy beach look?

Beach Waves


  1. Love this! That Bumble and Bumble styling product is one of my favs. X

    1. Beachy Waves is my go to hairstyle for summer too! I have never tried Bumble & Bumble before - must change that immediately! Great blog btw :) xoxo

  2. I'd love to try it but what are the steps? The fekkai is supposed to be used on dry hair so do you blow your hair out after washing?


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