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London Calling... by Tiffany Leigh

Hey Loves, Tiffany here again from Tiffany Leigh Interior Design.

With all eyes on London for the Summer Olympics (and Ashleigh busy helping out with the Games) I thought that it might be fun to explore London decor inspiration with two popular British motifs:

1. The Union Jack

via Bright.Bazzar

 ^In Jason Grant's eclectic bedroom, the large scale Union Jack looks great with the small scaled black and white polka dot shams.

via Domino Book of Decorating page 59

The Living Room of fashion design Johnson Hartig (above) is exploding with color, and the Union Jack's bold graphic fits right into this chaotic but beautiful space. In contrast, designer Tommy Smythe's almost entirely neutral living room (below) allows the Union Jack Symbol of the Grand Union Flag to really pop.

 via Canadian House and Home

2. Keep Calm and Carry On

(I'll admit this poster is everywhere these days, maybe a bit overdone, but I still love it!)

via HGTV

This poster was originally designed to rally the spirits of the British during the onset of WWII. The rhyming slogan is a perfect sentiment, even today! My personal fave is the classic red, but it is available in many colours.

via Little Green Notebook

via Ideas to Steal

via Vanity Fair

Some may call these London inspirations cliche, but I call them absolutely classic.

Hope you enjoyed and please stop by my blog!


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  1. I got such great decor ideas from this post, thank you! xx


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