Monday, September 3

A Wish a Day... #10

I spotted these on the InStyle site the other day & instantly knew I needed them! They remind me so much of the Zara sandals that came out last season... these ones are incredibly similar & I was shocked when I discovered they were from Primark! There are a few pairs from the new collection I'm lusting after actually - you can check them out here! I have quite a few pairs of shoes but not too many that are versatile! Since moving to London I don't tend to wear heels as much as I used too as I am on my feet so much & don't drive everywhere as I did previously. I tend to live in wedges or boots these days. It is always nice to wear a pair of heels from time to time so I am definitely going to pick these up when they are launched - how could I pass up such a great deal?!


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