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Style Pilot: Transform His Style...

Hands up those of you who have purchased a great piece of clothing for your boyfriend, husband, father or brother, he said he loves it, wore it the day he got it, and then you never saw it again? I've certainly been there! All to often do fashion purchases for men happen that way, and while you probably never admit it to him, it upsets a little and irritates the hell out of you at the same time.

We decided to focus on a specific item, in this case a branded t-shirt, and how this can be a versatile piece in a man’s wardrobe, the perfect gift that can be worn anywhere (or at least most places), and leave him with no excuse not to wear it.

Branded T-Shirts

By branded t-shirt we mean a famous consumer brand, not a t-shirt emblazoned with “Superdry” across the front of it! Most stores are currently carrying great ranges of t-shirts featuring Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Budweiser, among others. Try avoid the alcohol related ones, however, as they can appear a futile attempt to be “manly” rather than looking stylish. Instead, we’ll use the Fanta t-shirt, which is essentially a simple retro t-shirt, featuring the old school Fanta logo on a white, relaxed fit t-shirt.

So how can you wear it three ways?

1. At the Beach

The most simple way to wear this t-shirt is down the beach. Match it up with some stylish, tailored shorts – if you can find a blue to match that in the t-shirt, go for it. Then add some relaxed espadrilles for comfort and style in the heat, finishing off with stylish sunglasses and a straw summer hat.

Much of this outfit is simple and if you are buying the t-shirt, you could probably purchase some of the other items to go with it and build the look for him.

2. Relaxed at Home

For a chilled out Sunday afternoon, lose the shorts and go for light wash boot cut jeans. Jeans are never good for contrasting, so with the light t-shirt go for as light a wash as is possible, going darker if you go for another t-shirt style.

Finish this off by matching up either casual plimsolls or loafers and you're done!

3. Night Out

Thankfully this is an easy outfit to dress up with a trusty blazer if you decide later on Sunday to head to the bar for a drink and a game of pool. Avoid black and go for a navy blue, ideally something with a small pattern such as polka dots, which will give a sophisticated yet relaxed casual look.

There, now he has no excuse not to wear your stylish fashion purchases – just adapt the story here as you need to based on what you have bought for him!

Stylepilot is designed exclusively for men to navigate fashion online, to discover which styles and items to purchase. Stylepilot displays a large collection of jeans, shirts, casual wear & tailoring.


  1. Great post! I would love to see more posts with different combos guys can wear because lets be honest guys struggle to dress themselves!

  2. I love this so much!! Really need One of these fanta t-shirts.... I would totally wear it for going out with a blazer


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